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Otters of Rodeo Lagoon [26 Jan 2014|07:16pm]
A photo from this morning. Just as the sun comes over the hills, the water turns to gold and the otters appear. It's like magic!

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Yellow is the color of cute [30 Nov 2013|12:22pm]
Meerkats may be the most famous of the animals living at Meerkat Manor, but are they the cutest? Challenging them hard for the title of 'cutest animals at the Manor' are a family of yellow mongooses that live around the visitor compound. It's hard to argue with the cuteness credentials of a young yellow mongoose that will come and take food from your hand.

I deserve to be fed because I am so cute!

He would like me to tell you that he is particularly fond of cheese. Just so you know. In case it comes up, somehow.

A mongoose and his mother

You made a funny! Mongoose ROFL!

Meerkat Manor portfolio on Redbubble

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Yosemite [17 Oct 2013|08:03pm]
I haven't yet posted any photos from my most recent trip to Yosemite, which coincided with this:

Rim Fire from Tioga Pass Road

The fire was heading east, and so was I. I actually had to leave a day early when they closed White Wolf Lodge (where I was staying) because the fire was heading in that direction, though it never actually reached White Wolf. There was some smokiness on occasion at White Wolf, but further up where I was hiking around Tuolumne Meadows was unaffected by the fire.

I was looking particularly for marmots, but they were being elusive this year. But I did find some other animals.

For the next week I am off cruising around the Caribbean with Doctor Who! This entry was originally posted at http://dailyanimals.dreamwidth.org/34336.html.

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Ringtail by night [14 Oct 2013|01:44pm]
I have some property up near Rackerby (CA) where I have put trail cameras out in the woods. These have picked up all the usual nocturnal critters -- skunks, foxes, raccoons, feral cats, stray dogs -- and last month, for the first time ever, a ringtail.

And so, in glorious monochrome, here is a ringtail wandering up a log:
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Elkhorn Slough [13 Oct 2013|05:19pm]
A couple of weekends ago I went for another trip with Elkhorn Slough Safaris, for more photographs of the sea otters. And the other animals. But mostly the sea otters.

The highlight for this trip was watching a male otter in pursuit of a female.

Sea otters are not gentle lovers!

That male otter. How scruffy is he?

This seal does not want to be watching what the otters are up to

More otters

Sea lions


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Oakland Zoo [21 Sep 2013|06:05pm]
There was rain at the Oakland Zoo today. I checked the weather forecast while I was hiding in the reptile house. "40% chance of showers", it said. Apparently "showers" is the new weather forecaster code for "a prolonged downpour of near biblical ferocity. You will be wet." And I was.

At least the otters were happy. They had discovered a new pond, which was muddy and full of sticks, and much more fun than their regular pond.

We've found a new pond! Can we keep it?

Bats have built-in rain protection. I was jealous.

Hyena had found a new treasure and did not care that it was raining.

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Meerkat Manor: Van Helsing [06 Sep 2013|07:56pm]
We went to see Van Helsing on our first day at the Manor, and this was before I had got into the proper rhythm of meerkat photography, which involves taking copious notes to be able to identify the meerkats later. Consequently I don't have identified photos for many of the Van Helsing meerkats.

We did go back and look for Van Helsing on one other day, but were unable to find them before it got dark. This despite them having not just the normal one, or even two, but three radio-collared meerkats in the group.

The Meerkat Gallery
Meerkat Manor gallery on Redbubble

Van Helsing

Group shots

Billy (dominant female) catching and eating a millipede

Titan (dominant male) getting some grooming attention

Harrison and Mogwai were the other two collared meerkats

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Otters and lions, living together! [18 Aug 2013|08:44am]
Random sea otter hanging out with the sea lions at Santa Cruz pier on Friday.

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Baby otter! [29 Jul 2013|08:33am]
Mother and baby otter at Rodeo Lagoon. There are two baby otters in the Rodeo Lagoon family this summer.

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Chipmunks! [23 Jul 2013|07:17pm]
A cute pair of young chipmunks that we encountered while hiking the Skyline-to-the-Sea trail on Sunday.

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Ratties! [30 Jun 2013|07:04pm]
I realize that I haven't yet posted any photos of my new ratties. These pretty boys came into my life in April this year.

Little Rat

Samson and Rufus (they are brothers; Samson is the top one in the first photo, with the distinct spot over his tail)

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Dining out with Drie Doring [26 Jun 2013|08:04pm]
The Meerkat Manor researchers have two tricks up their sleeves for getting the meerkats onto the scales to be weighed. They have egg. And they have water. The Drie Doring meerkats are mostly not much interested in egg (it's not a natural part of meerkat diet, and if they're not introduced to it when young they may never learn to appreciate it), but they can usually be enticed onto the scales by using the water bottle.

But not today. Today they have found this:

"Why yes, we would much prefer to drink this scummy green water with floating dead ants instead of your boring clean researcher water, thank you very much!"

And then they all squeezed into the tiny patch of shade underneath the trough:

Selected prints available from redbubble.

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Meerkat Manor: Drie Doring [23 Jun 2013|01:12pm]
Drie Doring are one of the oldest meerkat groups on the Manor, one of the first groups to be habituated when the project was started in 1993. Their territory is actually on an adjacent ranch rather than on the Kuruman Reserve itself, so they missed out on all the TV stardom. If asked, they will strenuously deny that they are in any way jealous.

Here are Drie Doring as of March 2013.

The 16 meerkats of Drie Doring

Mist, dominant female

Captain Planet (dominant male), Ursli, Marilyn (x2)

Andy C, Tanzania (who did not want to keep still for her picture), Tobermory, Mohammed

Wiley (x2), Saoirse, Yallah

Patch (x2), Cookiecutter (x2)

Tiger, Bonnie, Milk (with Marilyn)

Selected prints available from redbubble.

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Meerkat Manor: the Lazuli (part two) [10 May 2013|09:45pm]
I took four thousand photographs of meerkats while visiting the Meerkat Manor. It is taking me a while to sort through them all.

Anyway, here are all the individual photos of the Lazuli meerkats.

Up next: Drie Doring.

The meerkats of Lazuli

Christiana, pondering her new position as dominant female following the death of her mother, Young

Rufus (dominant male)

Hen, Shallot, Merlino & Muck

Finnlex (with Lust), Bernie, Griene Tsiis

O'Toolie, Mayer (wearing the Lazuli collar), Mauer (x2)

Dis-Grace, Caleb (x2), Cagliostro

Sutica, Merlino, Fran the Wu-Man, Flammkuchen

Pip, Drachentöter (aka Stumpytail), Bandersnatch, Jubjub Bird

The 7 Deadly Sins Litter: Lust (with Bandersnatch), Wrath, Greed, Gluttony (who has just killed an eland, apparently), and Sloth
(Pride and Envy are no longer around, sadly)

Selected prints available from redbubble.

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Meerkat Manor: JaXX [27 Apr 2013|08:19pm]
JaXX are one of the newer meerkat groups on the Manor, formed in 2008 by Diana, a female evicted from the Lazuli. Diana still leads the group, and she is by now one of the oldest meerkats on the Manor (she was born in December 2004).

The XX's are supposed to be capitalized. Don't ask me why!

The meerkats of JaXX

Diana (dominant female)

Kori (Diana's son and current dominant male)

Arcee, Bungee, Cheesy Puff, Space Raoull Esq.

Liipshin (x2), Farquin, Crumpet

Liipshin, Crumpet, Tim Tam, Kori

Scrumpy Willy, Paddle Pop, Sao

Jaffa (no relation) & Cho'poo

Selected prints available from redubble.

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Grizzly Island [11 Apr 2013|05:19pm]
This last Sunday I went to look for otters at the Grizzly Island Wildlife Area.

Grizzly Island is managed by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. In years past you used to be able to pay the entry fee at the entrance to the area, but now they have "economized" (I guess), and you are required to buy a pass in advance. The most convenient place for me to buy a pass is at our local Walmart. The CDFW Lands Pass comes out of the same system as the fishing and hunting licenses, so is handled by the Walmart sporting goods department, but good luck finding a Walmart employee who knows where to find it. Fishing and hunting licenses they know all about, but if you want to go to a Wildlife Area and not kill anything, well, apparently nobody does that.

For future reference: eventually we did find the Lands Pass listed under "Misc" in their system. Fortunately there is an annual pass available so I only have to do this once a year.

And I did find an otter, so it was all good.

Three photos of the otter's nose. Because you can never have too much otter nose.

Also, in the "interesting things that are not otters" category, there was a pair of turtles having a disagreement over which of them was going to get the prime sunning spot on their tiny reed island.

And a bird which I haven't been able to identify hunting insects over the water.

Prints available from redbubble.

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Meerkat Manor: the Whiskers [04 Apr 2013|05:55pm]
Once upon a time the Whiskers had it all. They were the celebrity meerkats, the darlings of the silver screen. With Flower and Zaphod to lead them, they held the prime territory at the heart of the Manor, feasting on scorpions and lazing away the long hot days of summer at the Kalahari Country Club (aka the Big Dam).

But that was a decade ago. Since then the TV money has dried up, the Whiskers are down to nine remaining meerkats, have lost their old territory and now live out in the badlands behind the farmhouse, geeting bullied by the upstart Uberkatz and hiding from scary evil cows.

The Whiskers

On the left, from top: Bearslayer, Pe'ahi, Swift
On the right, from top: Pat McGroin, Enili, Loredo, Handsome Devil, Marxxs
Further to the right: Snotbubble

Enili digs

Snotbubble found a beetle

Bearslayer collapses after another long hard day

Cows are scary!

Prints available from redbubble.

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I am returned from Meerkat Manor [20 Mar 2013|09:40am]
It was two wonderful weeks full of heat and sand and meerkats (and squirrels and mongooses and bat-eared foxes). It is the end of summer at Meerkat Manor, which should have been the rainy season, but this year there has been no rain (which means, sadly, that none of this season's pups have survived).

I have many many photos, which will appear here as I get around to sorting through them. This may take some time.

Meanwhile, here are two of the Lazuli.

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Noms for all at the BWC [25 Feb 2013|11:59pm]
I'm in England, so it's time to visit the British Wildlife Centre!

A fox looking for noms

An otter who's noms are escaping!

Next week I am off to South Africa to visit with the meerkats of Meerkat Manor. There will probably be meerkats here when I get back. This entry was originally posted at http://dailyanimals.dreamwidth.org/29964.html.
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Two reasons why muskrat photography is a bit tricky [14 Feb 2013|07:33pm]
Reason number one. Most of the muskrat is under the water.

A rare view of a muskrat heading towards the photographer

Reason number two. Muskrats like reeds. Reeds and reflections of reeds make a horrible mess of the background.

A muskrat caught in the beam of a searchlight as he attempts a daring escape from Alcatraz Island

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